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6 March 2014



6 March 2014

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The boss answers your questions

It’s all well and good us asking the questions but we can’t (and don’t) think of them all. So for our Alfreton issue of Talk of the Town we asked the army of followers on the club’s social media channels Twitter and Facebook to submit their questions for us to put to manager John Still as he celebrated a year in charge at Kenilworth Road.


Andrew Kingston ‏@treblethree  Feb 24

@LTFC_OfficialHow does the current Luton team compare to your Dagenham side that won the Conference in 2006/07#AskJS


JS: It compares very favourably. At Dagenham we had a forward line of Paul Benson and Craig Mackail-Smith, who scored plenty of goals – here we’ve got Paul and Andre Gray, who score lots of goals. Both squads are very strong and competitive. If we maintain the same vein of form this season it will go and compare even better.


Peter Galvin ‏@JustPete  Feb 24

@LTFC_Official#askjsWhat is your proudest footballing moment?


JS: I’ve said before how proud I was on winning the Play-Offs with Dagenham to win promotion to League 1, but there’s no better, no prouder, feeling than taking a club into the Football League. I did it with Maidstone and Dagenham and that will always take some beating.


Derek Borino ‏@DelBoy1976  Feb 24

@LTFC_Officialif West Ham came knocking how quick would u empty your desk?#AskJS


JS: [Laughs] I don’t know! I’ve always said that when I talk to clubs I need to feel as though it’s the right job for me. I’d ask them a lot of questions first! Obviously it would be massive for me but, let’s just say how about we do well with Luton that one day we’re in a position to play them in the league. That would make me very proud.


Richard Armstrong ‏@habbyhatter  Feb 24

@LTFC_OfficialHow hard was it leaving Dagenham to come to Luton after spending so long at Dagenham?#AskJS


JS: It wasn’t easy. I said when I arrived here that I thought I’d reached a stage at Dagenham that it was the right time. Deciding which job to take next was always going to be difficult. I needed to go a club with a challenge, and this was easily the biggest.


jenni ‏@jenn_ifer_jenn  Feb 24

@LTFC_Official#AskJShave you ever seen squeeze live and what’s your favourite track?


JS: Yes, yes, yes, yes. I have seen Squeeze live many, many, many times. I have Up the Junction as my ringtone but my favourite track is Some Fantastic Place. Listen to the words.



Sandpit Turtle ‏@SarahPls  Feb 24

@LTFC_Officialwhat is the best goal you have seen a Town player score since you've been in charge?#AskJS


JS: Individually, Alex Wall’s goal against Halifax. Team goal = Luke Guttridge’s second against Kidderminster.


Callum ‏@callumLtfc  Feb 24

@LTFC_Official#AskJSdoes it make you smile seeing a player like Dwight Gayle play in the Premier League ?


JS: Yes, of course it does. It gives me such a buzz, but it’s not just because he’s playing in the Premier League. I enjoy watching the careers of all my former players flourishing, and when it’s at the top level it’s very special.


Peter Galvin ‏@JustPete  Feb 24

@LTFC_Official#askjsWhat is the single thing that impressed you most about Luton Town, apart from the fantastic support that is :-)


JS: Its fantastic history. I get moved by looking back at club’s successes; their players and certain games. I remember Raddy Antic and David Pleat at Man City in 1983, and the Littlewoods Cup in ’88. What I’d love though is for my grandchildren to look up in the future and see that I played a role in creating history for Luton Town.

Peter ‏@mcintyre_peter  Feb 25

@LTFC_Official#AskJSWhich player do you regret not signing the most?


JS: Tough question – there’s not been many players I’ve missed out on. I’d have to say Linvoy Primus when I was at Peterborough. At the time I had the chance to sign both Linvoy and Gary Breen and opted to go with just Gary because I thought signing them both meant too little experience in defence. Linvoy went on to, of course, enjoy a very good career, as did Gary.


Hannah ‏@Hannah__8  Feb 24

@LTFC_Official#askJSwhat has been your best moment of managing Luton so far? :)#coyh


JS: Going top of the league.



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