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31 January 2014

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The Town at 2/5? Just don't go there

There’s one thing you just don’t do. Ever. Ever, ever, ever. You do not back Luton Town to win a football match away from home if they are odds on. And while you’re at it don’t even think about putting them into an accumulator. It’s just not worth the pain.

Yes, it could be argued that you could make an exception this season. After all, the Hatters are top of the table and are unbeaten in 20 matches. What could possibly go wrong?

But there is no such thing as easy money. At the worst prices, the Town are 2/5 to beat Dartford. A fiver of your money just to win a couple back. The bookies aren’t stupid. Even a best price 1/2 frightens us to death. Repeat: the bookies aren’t stupid. Have you seen a poor one? No, exactly.

So the advice is just don’t do it. Don’t put yourself through the agony. Remember Dartford have beaten Kidderminster and drawn with Cambridge in their last two. If that isn’t a warning we don’t know what is.

However, if you really must, stick your fiver’s worth on a 2-0 Luton win and be done with it at 7/1. You never know you might be up a few quid and get one over the bookies.

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